Weanafeeda USA

The multiple bowl carrier-feeder

Weanafeeda USA

We carry the Maxi 4 and the Maxi 6 feeding stations. They come with the stainless steel bowls.

Weanafeeda's unique features:

  • Allows one person to carry many food bowls at one time.
  • Pups eat in their own individual bowl, ensuring that each pup gets its fair share of food, resulting in an even growth rate for the entire litter.
  • Prevents spillage.
  • Made from tough ABS plastic, which makes hygienic cleaning easy and quick. Bowls are removable for easy cleaning.
  • Lightweight, stable, and non-chewable.
  • Medications and supplements can be given to individual pups.
  • Max 4 - $90.00 each
    Max 6 - $110.00 each

    Shipping is determined by zip code and whether you want priority mail or parcel post.